Premier League drops some handball rules after referees mutiny

The Premier League is ready to put pressure on the IFAB to drop accidental handballs like Eric Dier’s.

Officials are already in talks with football lawmakers over a softer interpretation of the tough new rules which have caused an outcry.

And they have already won the right for referees to use more common sense on whether to punish some accidental handballs.

It comes after a mutiny by Premier League referees, who are just as unhappy with the rule change as the players.

Handballs like the one given against Crystal Palace defender Joel Ward in a loss to Everton will now NOT be given as his arm was not far enough away from his body.

Crystal Palace’s Joel Ward was dejected after the harsh decision against him earlier this month

But handballs like Dier’s against Newcastle MUST still be punished unless the IFAB changes the law because his arm was raised.

Referees have been asked to consider whether a player has stretched out an arm for balance and has a chance of moving it out of the way.

The Premier League have already complained about the situation and are awaiting a response from the IFAB, but will consider turning this into a formal change request.

Steve Bruce’s Newcastle benefited from the call on Sunday, although the Magpies boss admitted the call was “total nonsense”.

VAR has played a big role in handball calls this season

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Bruce told Sky Sports: “I can understand why Spurs are going to go crazy and [Crystal Palace boss] Roy Hodgson reacted as he did.

“It’s total nonsense, we should be jumping through hoops but I’d be devastated if it was us.

“Maybe Roy is right, maybe we all need to get together. Decisions spoil the show. We need to come together as managers and say this needs to stop.

“If our goalkeeper hadn’t played so well in the first half, he would have been out of sight. In the second half, we were better and were a bit of a threat. Our goalkeeper scored us a point and a decision that we liked.”