Lebanon’s playground comes to life, adds handball court, celebration planned

For generations of Lebanese children, it was simply “the Beautex”.

Named after a former factory that once occupied the site, the 4.4-acre playground tucked away along North Lebanon’s 12th Street, right next to the railroad tracks, is easy to miss for passing drivers. , but its basketball court, ball field, playground and clubhouse have been the hub of hundreds of summer vacations for North Side children.

Slowly but surely, years of heavy use and budget constraints have taken their toll, and the municipal park in 1219 Van Buren Street had fell into disrepair in 2017 (paywall).

Today, a two-year public-private renewal effort, led by nonprofit organizations Making a difference for Lebanon AP, is finished, and only the official remains community celebration at the playground on Friday June 21 at 5.15 p.m.

Working with Making A Difference, neighbors, private donors and sponsors, and the City of Lebanon raised around $ 41,000 for the project, and almost every corner of the Beautex has been repaired, restored and updated.

The pavilion was repainted and new signs, benches, panels, garbage cans, surveillance cameras and play equipment were installed.

A new and unusual feature at Beautex that was not anticipated during the initial planning of the project is what is believed to be the only regulatory wall and handball court in Lebanon County.

This led to the formation of a local handball league and a tournament held in May drew players from Lebanon and surrounding counties.

The only legal handball court in the county of Lebanon.

Cornell Wilson, president of Making A Difference, looks forward to the June 21 celebration, which coincides with the organization’s second anniversary.

He is even more excited that the Beautex is ready to serve local children for many years to come. “I played here as a kid,” Wilson said. “I want to see today’s kids enjoy it like I did. ”