Just Opened: A New Work Of Art Inspired By The Handball Field At Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn!

Public art fund just unveiled Subliminal standard, a painted sculpture mockup by an artist of Belgian origin based in Brooklyn Harold Ancart. Free and open to the public, the work is inspired by the more than 2,000 ubiquitous handball courts in New York City, which have fascinated Ancart for years because of their unexpected relationship with the history of abstraction. The four-part painting – two vertical “walls” and two flat “floors” – refers to the traditional dividing lines of the court and the accidental abstract compositions created when city courts are repaired and repainted to hide graffiti and graffiti. inclement weather over time.

Envisaged as a work adapted to the site, the structure was built on site, and Ancart was in Cadman Plaza Park for several weeks by painting it by hand. Both an imposing work of art and an interactive installation, Subliminal standard is the artist’s most ambitious work to date – and could only be exhibited outdoors in New York City, where the game of handball was born.

To celebrate Harold Ancart and the opening of Subliminal standard, join the Public Art Fund on sunday 5 may for the #PAFP picnic! There will be free Melt ice cream sandwiches (as long as they last!), Handball giveaways, artistic creation activities, and art introductions by the curator.

Harold Ancart: Subliminal Standard is free and open to the public until March 1, 2020 at the north end of Cadman Plaza Park in downtown Brooklyn.

For more information: PublicArtFund.org

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