Former Prime Minister Kevin07 hits the handball pitch to show the kids who’s boss

It’s weird to think it’s been a decade since the days of Kevin07, which was arguably the most popular political election nickname this side of 2000. When Kevin Rudd rose through the ranks at Canberra, he appeared like your average guy who appealed to the masses.

Say what you want about his politics, his leadership, his battle with Julia Gillard or anything else to do with his time in parliament it’s hard to argue against the idea that he’s the best politician handball. The pool of potential rivals is small, if not virtually non-existent, as most MPs, from memory, have yet to show their skills.

He presented himself as quite the champion during his recent Reddit AMA, saying, “I know I’m considered the Southern Hemisphere handball champion. In fact, I challenged one of our local schools here in Brisbane for a game.”

Kevin07 traveled to Kelvin Grove High School to show that he was still the man in the four-place field.

Some critics would say he wasn’t really dressed for the occasion, opting for a shirt, dress pants and formal shoes, which everyone knows wouldn’t provide optimal support for players of handball.

The video, aptly titled “Kev Gon Give It To Ya”, was uploaded to the Facebook page Handball Memes, with over 1.7 million people watching it and the majority of people were impressed with its skills.

One person wrote: “Good to see that life away from politics has allowed Kevin to develop his handball game. The priorities are clear.”

Another viewer said, “The big man in the squares and there’s a crowd of about 40 people. Kids don’t appreciate national treasures these days.”

However, this person seemed to crack the code of why and how KRudd is so good, writing: “Rudd came of age in the early 70’s. Nambour 70’s handball was about as hard as it gets; is fundamentally a different sport compared to the namby-pamby, play-it-safe, not-too-hard style of play that is common today.”

This game at Kelvin Grove High School took years to build, with school children eager to get him on the field after his 2013 election loss. Higher education director Duncan Steel told the ABC: “The middle schoolers when they were in our college wanted him to come out, but at the time he was busy.

Kevin Rudd

Interesting technique. Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes

“They came back to his Facebook page and asked him if he could play, since it was their last year.”

Mr Steel was quite impressed with the ex-Prime Minister’s ability, adding: “He’s quite competitive and he’s pretty good on the handball court. He wouldn’t leave the top spot on the handball court.”

The crown was not officially handed over to Mr Rudd for the king of handball, but it put him on the list of Australian sports politicians. John Howard is an avid walker and not too shabby with a cricket bat, Tony Abbott enjoys swimming and even a triathlon, Bob Hawke also has a great affinity for cricket but would easily win gold at any sculling competition from beer.